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« am: April 04, 2016, 20:40 Uhr »

sorry for english.. my german is not good enough for such technical topics.. my quesion is that i have an old diesel van (that is not an old timer) that has no Emissionsschlüssel
and i have to pay really high Steuer here in germany..  i was thinking about if it was possible to have this changed? adding a Katalysator and making some kind of
emissions test? to at least get an euro2.. that would make my life a lot cheaper..  i have found on ebay some universal Katalysators that say they guarantee euronorm2.. and  even though my van doesn't seem to have one.. i have found a space in the pipe system where it can fit.. and my mechanical skills are good enough for me to do this operation my self.. my question is if it would help.. could i really get a euronorm2 by make this procedure.. and where can i in germany have the processes to have my vans emissionsschlüssel reclassifed?
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« Antworten #1 am: April 05, 2016, 10:58 Uhr »

Hi stranger,

also welcome to this forum here.
Sorry for my direct words, but knowing about your vehicle from the fmso forum, I'm in doubt you estimate the situation correctly and in theire whole consequences.
Even the sellers and or manufacturers offer some katalysators to upgrade the tier class to euro2 you have to assure that the Kat does exactly match to your car.
From the legal standpoint it is absolutely insufficient to place any Kat somwhere into the exaust pipe.
Additional from the tecnical perspective you cannot place the Kat, where you want. For instance, you place it to far away from the engine, the Katalysator doesn't heat fast enough and gets blocked by the carbon black.
Here in Germany you need a Einzelabnahme from the TÜV. Ande that is so expencive, that you can drive a couple of years with the elevated tax rate until it gets amortized.

Another project, you should better search for different ways to safe your money.

Sorry, but that is the reality here in Germany.

Viele Grüße
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